Mission & Vision Statements

Divine creations using the best and authentic spices imported from Pakistan specially to please your palate. At Al-Muneer we do not use premixed spices. Spices that we prepare for each dish are prepared and added to the dish in unique ratios, timing, temperature & the order in which they are added depends on the dish being prepared. Tantalizing your taste buds through a unique mix of spices and their preparation techniques is what differentiates the professionals from the amateurs.

But, great food needs to be served in a welcoming, courteous & expedient atmosphere. So that you and your guests can take your time enjoying the atmosphere and the food. Our goal is to treat you as royalty to match the quality of food you shall be served.

If, so far, you have not had the chance to bear witness to our claim, then please make us your next choice when you wish to treat yourself. We will expect you soon!

"It was a great experience. The whole family left your restaurant with big smiles. Thank you!"
...David TM

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" I have been at your restaurant many times. One of your staff members informed us of the breakfast specials on weekends. OMG! The poori chana combo with all the other dishes was mind blowing. I will be back - for breakfast. ;=D
...Amy K.